Afterword: Feb 13 2017

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3 of President Trump’s most divisive Cabinet picks were voted in this past week – Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

And National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, one of President Trump’s earliest and closest campaign champions, resigned in a cloud of controversy over his transition-period phone calls with the sitting Russian Ambassador.

With less than 4 weeks into the new U.S. administration, President Trump is getting a lot done but also dealing with unanticipated setbacks.

Saturday protests have become a norm, with Trump supporters seeing it as the left’s “sour grapes” response to his victory, while most pounding the pavement are voicing real concerns over threats to their causes. The weekly drumbeat of protests in America and all around the world began on Sat Jan 21 with the Women’s March, erupted in response to the Jan 27th travel ban executive order, was fueled on Sat Feb 4th by Trump’s weekend in Mar-a-Lago, and continued with pro-life and pro-choice demonstrations on Sat Feb 11th.

Meanwhile, the drumbeat of visits by foreign leaders to the White House continued unabated with:

  • a visit and weekend Mar-a-Lago retreat with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  • meetings and a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

What do these early signs, opposing forces and international relationships portend for President Trump, the American people and the world at large?



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Maya Mathias

Maya Mathias is a global leadership veteran, with a life and career spanning 3 continents and 5 inspired self-reinventions. She is a peaceful leadership advocate and mentor, bringing her unique blend of East & West to her leadership development and innovation management practice. Maya’s life began with a lower-middle class upbringing in Asia, surrounded by poultry & vegetable farms and the ‘simple life’. She doesn’t forget her humble roots, and her body of work seeks to bring more equality, justice and personal purpose in troubling times. Learn more about Maya here.

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