#PeacefulMondays: How to find your gold

This marks the 13th #PeacefulMondays note from me to you. Time flies!

When I began penning these weekly notes, I was open to the places they would take me, and to the myriad words they would hold.

Life can be mundane, routine and even painful at times. But it can also be fun, free and full of adventure.

As we close out 2017 and begin to invite 2018 into our life, ’tis the season for reflection and gratitude.

What has 2017 brought you?

For many of us who follow the news, 2017 may have been a series of shocks to the system. The globalizing world as we thought we knew it is giving way to a little more uncertainty than we might like. I’ve certainly talked about some of that in my #PeacefulMondays notes.

For the sake of this season of reflection, though, let’s dig a little deeper and find a little more grace.

What has 2017 brought you? What life lessons have you learned? How have you grown, who have you helped, and what can you look back on with pride?

In essence, what happened this year that brings you a sense of inner peace?

If you’re struggling to answer this question, if it gives you pause in some way….why?

Did 2017 happen to you instead of for you?

Because no matter what happens outside of us, we have a say in what happens inside of us. In how we show up for ourselves and others, in how we deal with the uncertainty of the world, in how we continue to do the work and sow the seeds that matter to us.

What I’ve learned is that this inner calm and conviction is a treasure many of us seek, even if we don’t realize we’re seeking it. It’s a treasure that can remain elusive throughout our lives, hiding in the deepest recesses of our soul or hiding in plain sight.

What price would you pay to find this treasure? To hold it close, and to draw from it so that life flows with equanimity?

There’s a lady, 99 years old
If she led a good life, heaven takes her soul
Now that’s a theory and if you don’t wanna know
Step aside and make a way 4 those who want 2 go

Everybody wants 2 sell what’s already been sold
Everybody wants 2 tell what’s already been told
What’s the use of money if you ain’t gonna break the mold?
Even at the center of fire there is cold
All that glitters ain’t gold
All that glitters ain’t gold

– Prince, from the song “Gold”

Some would say that this deeper, truer “gold”, the golden glow of a life well lived and time well spent, is priceless.

If you want more of this gold, there are ways to get there.

And I can guide you in attaining that treasure.

In 2018, I’m reserving time and room to personally guide 5 peace-seeking souls through my SHINE coaching program. One of those souls may/could be you.

In this life, I’ve been blessed with both the professional skills and school-of-hard-knocks experience to offer this work. Despite the ups and downs, and in many ways because of them, I continue to wake up each day with a sense of peace, perspective and purpose.

It’s a precious gift for your soul if you’re ready for it.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d love for you to find, live and give from this treasure.

You can start here, by learning more about how we’d work together.

And if you find yourself saying YES to this work, then schedule an intro call with me.

On the call, you’ll experience what my coaching is like. And if it’s still a resounding YES, we’ll design a program just for you, to find your gold. Every soul is different, and so the map to that inner treasure is unique to you. I honor that, and would want nothing less for you.

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