[VIDEO] LFTW Insights LIVE Episode #2

Show highlights

– What happened last night that set my neatly-compartmentalized worlds on a collision course
– How a crushing defeat can turn into something far more precious
– How Michael Phelps embodied the spirit of sportsmanship, and what it teaches us all

– What you will discover through our 100-day Election 2016 Anthology and how it will reawaken your spirit

About the author

Maya Mathias

Maya Mathias is a peaceful leadership advocate, spiritual biographer and soul guide, with a life and career spanning 3 continents and 5 inspired self-reinventions. She is a global leadership veteran, bringing her unique blend of East & West to her leadership development and innovation management practice. Maya’s life began with a lower-middle class upbringing in Asia, surrounded by poultry & vegetable farms and the ‘simple life’. She doesn’t forget her humble roots, and her body of work seeks to bring more equality, justice and personal purpose in troubling times. Learn more about Maya here.

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