Honoring Prince: Sometimes it Snows in April, Sometimes We Sing in the Fall

This article is part of our Election 2016 Countdown Anthology.

It’s been 4 months since music icon Prince took his earthbound love away.

But if you love Prince, personally or from afar, it probably feels like he hasn’t left at all.

The air has been thick with tributes. (I wrote one too.) And they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. This Labor Day weekend, Prince’s cherished band The Revolution is playing to 3 full houses at First Avenue, a Minneapolis club where their Purple Rain journey to stardom began 33 years ago. An official tribute concert takes place on Oct 13th. And Prince superfans snapped up the first tour tickets to Paisley Park, Prince’s creative and residential complex.

If you love Prince, these overtures make perfect sense and you’d want to experience every moment. If you’re just a casual listener, all this hoopla may seem over the top. How long will a fan, a musical collaborator, a Purple-laced nation continue to pay homage? What does this wave of emotion tell us about Prince, his life and legacy, and about the country he called home?



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