Do you believe in the common good?

And do news headlines sometimes leave you feeling hollow, hopeless and disconnected from achieving that common good?

If so, this site is for you.

Hello there – I’m Maya Mathias, creator and curator of Lead for the World.

Since I was a child, I’ve been that endlessly optimistic, glass-half-full person in the room. The one who refuses to lose hope, who’s determined to motivate others to get the job done. And to do it with an open mind and a light heart.

As our modern world grows darker, with illiberal democracy threatening to upend our current world order, and with developing countries building their wealth and their voice on the world stage, old norms are being challenged and new ideas are taking root.

News headlines seem to break by the minute, leaving us breathless at best and distressed at worst. If you lead an organization or champion a worthy cause, the onslaught of news can be hard to sift through, make sense of or make peace with.

That’s because not many news outlets connect the dots between “here’s the news” and “here’s what to do with it”. And many media properties, while healthily skeptical and rightfully critical in order to speak truth to power, have crossed the line from journalism to sensationalism, from critique to coarseness. Add fake news or tabloids to the mix, and we’re often left with a bad taste in our mouths and feeling neither comforted nor enlightened.

It’s a recipe for disaster, depression and a downward spiral into collective helplessness.

And it keeps many of us from feeling any sense of peace about our world.

A nose for news, a passion for peace

I’ve always been drawn to questions of ethics and morality, from the time I looked forward to Moral Education lessons in grade school, to voluntarily reading bioethics and business ethics journals in college, to holistically managing innovative projects at work, to championing movements like conscious capitalism and mindfulness, to now studying the courageous acts of leaders across time and space. There’s something special and (I feel) under-served about this arena, this intersection between what we create and the ethical ripple effect of those creations.

Whenever news breaks on an aspect of human ingenuity or reinvention, I believe it’s an opportunity for us to pause and decide how far or how swiftly we act on that disruptive impulse.

  • Do we pursue every new line of research, every new way of doing business, or every new style of politics just because we can? Or do we also need to consider what we’re upending, and how to make the transition easier and as peaceful as possible?
  • How do we communicate all these changes to others? And if we want to advance our own ingenious and inspired work, how do we peacefully advance our cause in the halls of power?
  • Through it all, how do we stay true to our life’s work and our soul’s calling? What does the spiritual practice of ‘right livelihood’ look and feel like in the 21st Century, and how do we make news waves of our own in service of doing the right thing for humankind and for the planet?

These are questions that fill my dreams when I’m asleep, that consume my time when I’m awake.

And the answers I seek out or arrive at are what you will find on these Lead for the World pages.

You’ll fall in love with news again

I spend my days extracting soulful lessons and silver linings from the news.

I believe there’s always a deeper truth just waiting to reveal itself within every news story, if we know where to look. Feel-good stories of charity and goodwill are the easiest of course. But it’s the nasty and negative stories that truly test our moral will and spiritual mettle – those stories of political turmoil, social upheaval, cultural shocks (like the loss of global icons), economic disruptions, technological riptides and environmental catastrophes that make us lose faith in the world, in each other and even in ourselves.

Through the work I do here on Lead for the World, I often transmute the darkest of news headlines into something that offers hope and light where none existed. You’ll start to see news as something to learn and grow from, not something to wring your hands over. The more time you spend on this site, the more you’ll fall in love with news again, treasuring it as a window to both the breadth of our world and the depth of our collective soul.

Because… Information  Knowledge  Wisdom is power


Some of the praise I’ve received for my writing

On my piece about Rob Lowe’s book “Love Life”

On my piece about “The Revolution” and their first tribute concert after music icon Prince’s passing

What a powerful article Maya. As always..such a thorough job. I think you have captured so well the truth that we are at our best as human beings when we grieve well. When we making meaning out of loss and even better, art. And oh what a loss. Thank you for this.

Katherine Kilburn Fabrizio,

On my body of work

Your work inspires many Maya Mathias! Your writing stretches us to go within to our hearts to reach out and come together as One in peace for the highest good.

Stacey Cripps, Executive Coach

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