[VIDEO] Weekend Wisdom LIVE Ep6: All The American Stories That Must be Told

Today, America celebrated the Grand Opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

It comes at the end of a week where 2 more officer-related shootings of African American men dominated the headlines, and where communities erupted in violence and street protests.

These 2 news items are not unrelated.

Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr once said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

It is the unwitnessed pain in our hearts that can make us feel unheard.

It is the unexpressed struggle of a community that can lead it to protest and violence.

It is the untold stories of a people that can pull it into a sense of strife and hopelessness.

But once a story IS told, in all its richness and for all to hear…once that story is heard, understood and woven into our collective story as a country, a world and a human race, it can fall back into itself, in love with itself, at peace with itself.

This is why stories must be told. This is why all American stories must be told, so their wisdom and wonder can reverberate in our collective timeline, and lift us up into a better, fuller and freer society.

This is why a National Museum to tell the African African story is so important. And why all Americans will be the better for it.

This is why I’m telling America’s stories in my Election Day anthology. I hope you will join me on the journey.

Show highlights

– how I was magically led to watching the ceremony
– what stories do to us and for us
– why protests often hold a deeper untold story
– how to combine our fast-paced drive toward the future with a reverence for our history and self-understanding
– some useful resources for you to read before America votes in our 100-day Election 2016 Anthology

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Maya Mathias

Maya Mathias is a peaceful leadership advocate, spiritual biographer and soul guide, with a life and career spanning 3 continents and 5 inspired self-reinventions. She is a global leadership veteran, bringing her unique blend of East & West to her leadership development and innovation management practice. Maya’s life began with a lower-middle class upbringing in Asia, surrounded by poultry & vegetable farms and the ‘simple life’. She doesn’t forget her humble roots, and her body of work seeks to bring more equality, justice and personal purpose in troubling times. Learn more about Maya here.

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